Consult a Psychologist/CBT Therapist on Skype or Whats App, using your PC, Tablet or Mobile-Device, anytime, anyplace, anywhere​...

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For Solicitors and Referring Agents Only

Click on the link below to make an online booking for your client to have a psychological assessment via telephone.  This booking goes straight into the diary of Kevin O'Doherty and will be confirmed within 24 hours.  Please only use this system if you have already agreed to terms and conditions with Kevin O'Doherty/Calibre Gold Ltd. 

Instructions, once you have clicked on the link above:


• Click on the box “Psychological Assessment”

• Click on “See Times”

• The calendar with available slots will appear
• Click on the required date/time for assessment appointment
• This automatically gives a 30-minute appointment slot
• Enter Full name of client, their email address and phone number
• Enter your name (Agency or Solicitor)
• Click continue…this will enter the booking onto the calendar
• I will usually click to confirm the booking and an email and text will be sent to the client.