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About Kevin O'Doherty

Kevin O'Doherty is a Psychologist, Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and Expert Witness to the courts in England and Wales. He has over 15 years of experience in mental health. He is also a Co Director of Calibre Gold Ltd. He has written several self help books, created online courses that are for sale on He is the creator of numerous podcasts on personal development and therapeutic interventions.

Kevin is primarily based in Central London, but travels throughout the country in the course of his work. He has clients in various places around the world, thanks to the wonders of modern technology!

A proportion of his work nowadays centers around the provision of an Expert Witness service, where he provides psychological assessment reports for medico-legal purposes. The 3 areas that Kevin specialises in for medico-legal reports is:

  • Personal Injuries
  • Immigration
  • Prison visits